Rebecca Myers

Contemporary Abstractions and Multi-media

You can find Becky's work at:

2127 N. Nevada Ave.
Colorado Springs, CO 80907



Rebecca Myers is a professional artist and art historian with a BFA from the University of Utah and a MA from Arizona State University in studio art and Native American art history.  After becoming legally blind as an adult, she taught world art to students of all ages with a hands-on technique that included experimenting with various art materials and lectures with multi-media and performance. 


It was during this time, she began to develop and create unique and expressive textured paintings with hand-crafted paper made from cotton linter and abaca fibers. Her current method includes folding and ripping the papers and mounting them on a primed canvas.  A texture compound is then added with fingers, spatulas, and sticks and then textured with a variety of recycled items, foil and then painted with gouache. 


The subjects of her paintings include images from photographs taken on her travels to study the wonders of nature and the arts of cultures from all around the world.  Along with paintings, she also creates tribal images in glazed ceramics decorated with beads, feathers, and bark in addition to multi-media sculptures using found objects such as bicycle wheels, cogs, chains, wire, and other metal objects.


The intent of her art is to capture a sensual essence with intense colors and tactile properties that invite the viewer to touch as well as see with their eyes, hands, and heart. She has exhibited in galleries and facilities in Colorado, and New Mexico and examples of her art can be seen on her website


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