Maria Battista

Sculptor and Gold Smith

You can find Maria’s work at:

4940 Flying W Ranch Rd.

Colorado Springs, CO 80919



Goldsmith and sculptor Maria Battista installed her first public work at age 17 -  An abstract aguatic-like metal and stone sculpture depicting bodies, water, and earth merging in movement.  This early piece presaged many characteristics of her adult work:  Water is her temperamental element, and earth the ground from which she creates.  Academic training in fine art and in letters (B.A. Rutgers, M.A. Kansas University) honed her natural propensity to dwell in the symbolic and her sense of reverence and mystery about existence.  She delights in making art out of the sustance of mountains (clay, stone, metal, gemstones), and thus it is both the esoteric and the elemental that drive her creative activity.


After formal education she was trained as a sculptor in Tuscany and Umbria, Italy, in Denver with renowned stone carver Madeline Weiner, and most recently with master figurative sculptor Valentin Okorokov of Russia.  Her goldsmithing skills were acquired in the tradition of apprenticeship to master jewelers.  She has lived in the Pike's Peak region since 1982, displaying and selling her work at fine art galleries and festivals since the early 1990s.  Her bronze “Calypso” was featured on the cover of the Colorado Journeys magazine.  She has gallery representation in Santa Fe and around the Rocky Mountain region in galleries as well as museums, and has participated in numerous local and international juried exhibitions.


Her jewelry references her love of language in its use of line as a fluid and expressive design element.  Maria is influenced both by her southwest and European roots as well as by the elegance of Japanese design and Taoist philosophy. Though it may still be suspect in today's art market, she works with the body as subject matter in her sculpture because she believes it is the sacred form to which we can all relate as physical beings.  She does not distort or disintegrate the body as do many modern representational artists fearing that this may reflect and perpetuate our tendency in this age to fragment reality, to become desensitized to violence, and to forget our basic empathy for the fragile body of the world.  “The human being is soft,” she insists.  “I seek to portray this with respect for our shared vulnerability, our universal emotional experience, and our innate need for relationship.” 


Maria's business name, Études, refers to a life of ongoing studies - of music, art, and reality itself.  She resides in Colorado Springs where she enjoys life with her partner Steve and her dog Max in the alpine desert land that she loves. 


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