Julia L. Wright 

Nature Photographer

During the tour you can find Julia's work at:

2127 N. Nevada Ave.
Colorado Springs, CO 80907





My goal with these images is twofold: to celebrate Nature in a unique way and second, to waken your imagination when you gaze upon the patterned surrealistic images.

A couple of years ago, I decided I wanted to share my Nature photographs beyond living on my computer, in books or on Facebook. I also realized that there are thousands of really good nature photographers and I needed to do something different with them. 

At that time I fell down what I call my “rabbit hole of creativity” for many nights. I started by isolating an intriguing section of one of my nature photos and copied it, then flipped it repeatedly to create a patterned kaleidoscopic or surrealistic image.

Each starting piece represents the beginning of something very new and filled with potential to express another magic-infused nature-based image.


My vision for these images is that when a person takes the time to focus on them, they allow their imagination to roam beyond their first impression so they can discover more hidden images within them.  Each image is designed to transmit positive energies by using this unique view of our natural environment and is transformed into a magical journey for the mind.

My feather masks have always represented a way for someone to bring out their inner child and feel more playful when wearing one. They can spark a person's imagination for creating a costume to dance and play more freely when wearing a feathery disguise.

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