Julia McMinn Evans

Education: BA, Fine Arts (with Distinction), University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

During the tour you can find Julia's work at:

Dianna Cates Dunn's Studio

1920 E. Dale St. Colorado Springs, CO 80907


After the tour if you'd like to visit her studio in The Second Floor Studios in Old Colorado City please contact her to set up an appointment: 719-650-3243.




I am inspired by nature and interpret her beauty into shapes, color and exciting textures. My abstract landscape paintings are filled with color and energy.


I develop my design using thumbnail sketches where I work out the composition, the values, and what I want the painting to say.  After selecting the best design for the painting I lay out my composition on a textured surface (I like spreading thick gesso with old credit cards: thus avoiding a smooth surface). I then paint layers of color, shapes, and marks, often drawing into the wet paint.  Shapes come and go, surprising elements surface and the painting becomes a journey into the unknown.


It is this mystery my collectors love.

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