Al Feinstein

Medium: Acrylic paint with wood oil stain on canvas





You can find Al's work at:

6343 Mesedge Drive

Colorado Springs, CO 80919


Al Feinstein was born and raised in New York on Long Island, and was fortunate enough to know, as a seventh grader, he was to be an architect and an artist.  After four years in the Air Force, he entered the School of Architecture at the University of Kansas.  Upon graduation with a Bachelor of Architecture degree, he began his career as a licensed Architect which included his own architectural firm in Colorado Springs, Colorado.


After a successful forty year practice with a variety of designs including casinos, office buildings, multi-family projects, tropical resort design, ski resort design and residences in locations throughout the United States and in Mexico, Belize, Honduras, Bahamas and other Caribbean islands, he has begun the serious business of Art.


He is a contemporary artist who produces paintings of many themes.  His abstract impressionism work exploits black and white acrylic paint, sometimes with color accents, and oil based wood stain in a manner that forces the eye to travel to all parts of the piece.  


The intention is to arouse a strong reaction from the viewer, which translates to a feeling of familiarity and emotion which then becomes a memory of the work.  Each piece is a dynamic, explosive, vigorous, exciting result that engages the viewer to develop stimulated visions that intuitively become part of the painting.


To develop these sensations, his paintings on canvas vary in size from four inches by four inches up to twelve feet by twelve feet, depending on the inspiration.  Each vibrant piece has a powerful and automatic response of interest, reaction, elation and imagination posited upon the viewer.


He has shown his work in Denver, Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Cripple Creek and Palmer Lake in Colorado, as well as in Santa Fe, New Mexico and Playa del Carmen in Mexico.

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